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1st August 2011

Spells, potions and plackards…..

I’ve just been telling the readers of blog about the witches in Romania getting together to cast a spell on the government to get them to reduce taxes. Thought that was wonderful!
I remembered though that some of the expats here tried the same, in a more orderly protest way, with the water board employees: apparently, we don’t do things in Peyia like we do in the UK!
Thank God, we all cry!

Anyway, the introduction of more English cuisine and drinks, eg cocktails previously unheard of in our village and brought to us by the expat drinking community plus their many attempts to poster the area with introduction of “bingo”, “3 for 1 frozen pies” and other such delights, hasn’t changed Peyia or Coral Bay too much.

We are Cypriot and proud of it ! (Okay, WE are British but its an honour to live here!). Luckily, many wonderful people from the UK have invested here in stunning villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia – so I reckon we’ve got the best of both worlds….
Maybe you should try a “spell” here this year? Its quite magical!

Category: Cyprus Villas News