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9th July 2015

Spectacles of Cyprus – Great Things on Offer!

I’m at that magical age when my ‘love of life’ increases by the moment and excitement about the simple things, grows and grows – but my body has less enthusiasm and energy than ever and ‘help’ is needed in many areas, from hiding grey hair, to checking (and replacing!) teeth, using ‘stronger’ undergarments (!) and getting glasses.

Cyprus is such a beautiful place to live -and as well as being famous for its history, culture and sheer spectrum of fascinating stories, it also scores high on the list of places to come when you need eg jewellery, dentures, cosmetic surgery – and new glasses!

Recently, I took advantage of the fact that the pound is strong and treated myself from my (much depleted ) UK ‘running away account’, to get an eye test – and subsequently, two new pairs of glasses. The difference in my sight is totally amazing – and I also LOVE the shape of my specs: I’ve a ‘grown up’ pair for the office and, in my humble opinion, a very sexy pair for night! With so much to see in Cyprus, I’m happy to say I can now not only focus on the many sights but can also do so easily and without adding to the laughter lines.

So, yet more reasons to choose Cyprus for your summer holiday! book a holiday villa  with pool, in Coral Bay or Peyia – and treat yourself so eg new specs, a stunning smile or just a stunning diamond! Plus, for those of you who, like me, are heading towards the joys of mid to late ‘seasons’ of age and would prefer not to be in the energetic throws of young children in your midst during a holiday, take advantage of our excellent Autumn prices. I’ve got to say that when I saw them clearly, even I was shocked at how low they are!

Go on! Treat yourself to seeing Cyprus in the hot Autumn sunshine and I”ll see you here! Clearly! And very happily! Email to me on for offers and details.

photo view from the bench