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17th January 2018

A special villa holiday guest!

When our pool and garden team arrived at one of our most special villas in Coral Bay, they were really surprised to find an unscheduled guest already in situ!

Not only was the guest unexpected BUT the owners are due here on Friday, so this guest had either been double booked -or tried to sneak in to this luxurious environment without anyone knowing AND without paying the (very modest) price!

Chasing him around the pool and into the garden, Mike, our garden manager tried to reason with him and tell him that it was  great that he chose the villa but that he needed to be ”ón his way”…..

The duck was having nothing of it. He fluttered his wings a little then settled in the comfort of the bushes in the corner of the large garden. The team decided to get on with their work and see what happened. Sure enough, after watching the men work for a while, our fine feathered friend gave a large ”flap”’ of his wings and headed towards the sea.

Mike shouted “oi! What about the money you owe for your stay’?” “Put in on my bill”, came the fluttering reply……..

Whilst Cyprus weather isn’t normally good weather for ducks, the villas are obviously first choice for those needing a holiday! So go on, choose one of our lovely villas with pools for your Cyprus sunshine holiday this year – email to you’d be quackers to miss out!

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