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1st January 2010

Sparing blushes

Tony and I were invited to meet the committee of our local football team, Apop Kinyras Peyias. On Monday night, we got smartened up and arrived at the Stadium, looking forward very much to the opportunity to meet some of the members of this group whose names we knew but who we hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before.

Not being entirely sure how to get into the stadium offices, Tony ushered me into the open doorway of a well light corridor – and straight into the changing rooms where the team were just getting showered and dressed.

I don’t think these were the members we were supposed to meet – but I left very quickly!

Arriving at the committee room a few minutes later, I was still blushing. Thankfully, this group of men were fully clothed and happy to see us!

Category: Cyprus Villas News