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1st January 2010

Sounding my age!

There I was, enjoying the drive back from Paphos along the coastline towards Banana Bay at Coral Bay, when I noticed that the people walking by the roadside or those parked near me at junctions, were looking at me like I had music blasting or something!

I looked around each time to scowl at the driver whose OWN music must be disturbing the holidaymakers or locals – you know the type: young and drive go-faster cars while blasting out beat box awful music……..but there wasn;t such a driver! Only me, sounding out too loud “lift” music which Tony had left in his car and I, being in need of something to take my mind off the world, had been playing in the car…..

The music was very ageing: called “Mood music for lovers” the subtitle should have read , “….over 70 and with hearing problems who don;t really like tunes coz these don;t sound like anything you’d recognise”….

As I was daydreaming, I wasn’t really listening but the passers by were – and I felt very much put in my place by their cold stares!! But worse when I recognised pity in the stares eg “poor deluded deaf woman driving that car”….

Music off, I drove into Peyia village quietly and very contrite, trying to mouth the words of a young song while I was beating out the pretend music with my make believe drum kit! Not easy with one arm in plaster and the other trying to cover blushes!!

La, la la fellow rappers!!