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1st January 2010

Sometimes I just sit and think….

What an awful week it has been. With illnesses in the family, troubles with suppliers and mischief in the area, its been a rocky few days.

I’ve just come home and sat on the Thinking Step with Jake, who also likes to sit and think with me. Its a very calming time just sitting cuddling the big hairy monster (says Jake!) and watching the world go by……

In the midst of the chaos in the past few days, I’ve met some wonderful people who’ve given little life insights which I’ll value. Today, a Cypriot lady said to me, “What is money when life is the only thing with value?”………its a great thought! We’ll never have riches in money sense but we’re rich in family, friends and memories – both made and yet to make.

This phase may be tough but I think our seat belts are fastened and we’re equipped for the journey, whatever the twists and turns.

Hope life is good for you.

Category: Cyprus Villas News