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1st January 2010

Some you cannot win and some you just lose anyway!

I am so angry today, I cannot find the words to express how I feel…….having corresponded with a lady for over one year and ensured all was well with the villa here for her arrival, we’ve had 2 weeks of absolute hell from her daughters partner about stuff that has been , in the main totally meaningless.

Staying at one of our large 3 bedroomed villas in Coral Bay, the man angrily summoned us to complain that:

– the villa was dirty on arrival – so we immediately sent in our cleaning team, who had cleaned/checked and approved the villa and they recleaned – with him telling them he hadn’t said it was dirty!

– two lizards had fallen in the pool! How could we let this happen!! So they were removed (and I stopped short of putting up a sign asking lizards/creepy crawlies to not play in the vicinity of the pool!)

– the toaster broke- fair dos: so we bought another

– an aircon unit broke – again, fair dos but they’d had it on all day whilst out and with windows open: so we bought a fan for the 2 days it took to get the aircon fixed

– and we gave them 100 euros for any inconvenience…

Then, the lady who booked called into our office a couple of days before they were going and apologised to us for her daughters partners bad temper/attitude and just plain ignorance. I actually felt sorry for her as she sniffled through the story of a ruined holiday – until today, when they’ve booked our taxi company to go to the airport then lied to the driver, telling him we’d approved a free/discounted trip and just threw the coins they had at him and ran away laughing!

I want him to call the police: he just wants to get on with his day………..

Our business is a lot about trust. We don’t take security deposits because we find, in 99.9% of the cases, that people are honest and honourable.

Then we meet people like this family -and it makes me wonder what the world is coming to and feel very sad that we even have to give energy to consider our company policy because of a few, ignorant individuals.

Things go wrong and stuff breaks: thats life. We aren’t perfect but we trying to offer a good service and aim to respond urgently to anything that is reported. To our thousands of guests who’ve enjoyed our services to date, thank you for being you and not abusing our trust.

To the family who left Villa Sea View on 2nd July 08, NEVER try to cross our paths again! We don’t want your sort in our neighbourhood.

Saddened and annoyed, I’m off to meet some WONDERFUL people now, who are back for the third year running!……