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1st January 2010

Some days, you just cannot win!

Oh dear, its been officially “one of those”.

I suppose, like many people focused businesses, when things go wrong, they go wrong majestically and all you can do is to try to put things right!

The villas we rent are fantastic value and great quality; pools clean, gardens done and guests cared for – but our main clients are the owners of these lovely villas and we work very hard to keep them informed/cared for etc at best value……..

Or thats our mission!

Sometimes, with the best will in the world, we make mistakes. We’re only human after all but we make mistakes. At my tender age, (too close to the half century mark for comfort), I’ve learned that its best to just apologise and try harder: arguing or debating isn’t worth the time or stress – especially when we are the ones in the wrong!

If you are one of our owners and reading this, I sincerely hope you know that we care, probably TOO much and aim to do the best we can but do fall short of the best from time to time, hovever innocently.

forgive us!

As a car hire company a few years ago said, we aren’t number 1 BUT we are working hard to get there!

Of course, when people make mistakes which cause us a problem we’ve just to grin and bear it – though today, I’d had enough and have shown my teeth: one too many people have broken long term rental agreements and think its okay to owe money – money which we always pay TO our owners, even when we aren’t paid – and its just NOT!

You have been warned!! And you know who you are!

Category: Cyprus Villas News