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1st January 2010

Solutions or problems?

Today has seen me take a big step forward: I;ve single handedly (literally), prepared and cooked/served a pretty lovely Sunday roast for Tony and Jim, my step father, who is living with us while Mum is in hospital.

Dont laugh but this is massive for me: have been in plaster now for 3 weeks and cannot even dry my hair so one arm cooking is wonderful! Luckily, I;ve also been able to drive back and forward to Paphos hospital twice per day thanks to power steering, tolerant local bobbies and jumpers with long sleeves, which obscure the plaster!

Course this means I;m back in the game, doesn;t it? Not that I;ve been out of it eg emails have been one handed and so has ironing but I;ve no excuse now at all- its all down to me!

Will draw the line at a few things though – I;d really like the sympathy to continue: well, to start, actually!!

On a more serious and important note, my Mums op is tomorrow: she’ll have her bionic hip by teatime, so will have a zimmer frame for a good few weeks. Perhaps I can dance for her and she could cook for me? Sounds like a cunning plan, me thinks!

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