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1st January 2010

Sofa , so good!

I love our team. They are helpful, funny, professional, have great attitudes – and they are always willing to go the extra mile!…Take Robin yesterday, we sent him to a villa to tighten up a ‘wobbly chair’ and the lady loved him! Robin spent one hour, giving the lady TLC (she’d fallen off the sofa when the end fell off and was badly bruised). He talked to her, reassured her we’d look after anything she needed – then left her his personal email address……..

When he popped to the office, the lady with the wobbly chair rang to say, where was the man coming to fix it? Robin had gone to the wrong villa, which wasn’t one of ours, repaired a settee which had fallen apart then offered a lady who wasn’t a guest of ours, his total support and help! AND she was on holiday with a huge villa company whose rep couldn’t help her……

Anyway, all is well which ends well: Robin went to the right villa to fix the wobbly chair – and to the wrong villa to apologise for the mistake!
We haven’t seen him since! Think the wrong lady thinks she’s landed the right man and has kept him!

Category: Cyprus Villas News