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1st January 2010

Soap and water

I really don’t know where to start today. Someone once joked we should make a reality show about our business and day to day happenings: after today, I’m inclined to agree with them!

So the day started with even MORE horrible feedback to an owner about the loveliest tenants in the world. The owner was very angry and upset – and I was moreso, so we didn’t get off to the best start. Sad thing is, neither of us meant it towards the other: it was purely a release valve after the tension of being surrounded by the most stupid , ignorant people who live in the dark ages and believe “children should be seen and not heard”. Personally, I think bored old goats should go and live in boring old goatherds, as high on a hill away from Peyia and Coral Bay as possible.

Very sadly, the news of the old goats moanings has reached the ears of the lovely tenants and the lady is heartbroken…….we’re all having a meeting to “air our views”. Should be fun!

The rains continued to wreak havoc today. At 7.30pm, a newer tenant in a villa in Coral Bay, rang to say he was on the roof and had cleared the drains of his new home, so not to worry. Great! Less to do , we thought

Till later………

We took a call mid morning from a family staying in a friends villa in the hills above Peyia (nowhere near boring old goatville, incidently): they informed us that the storms had, er, washed their access road away and they couldn’t move their car. Well, even if they could have dug the car out of the mud, that is!

They also mentioned that water was cascading through the ceiling in the kitchen and that the heating elements had broken so could we fix them. Yes, of course – as soon as the rain stops and the road gets repaired so we can get to you, we volunteered…………..but we’ve got no food, they continued (and there isn’t a shop in sight!…..)

Luckily, one of the builders is a friend of the owner of this (gorgeous!) villa and agreed to try to get his very big truck down to them and “rescue them”.

Which he did – hours and many tries later.

The family are now relocated to a villa in Peyia, where they are living happily. Our friend, who owns the original villa , is probably on a flight to “have serious words” with the builder who has let her down and not finished (or even started) the proper access road!

We’ve tons of arrivals tomorrow to both villas in Coral Bay and Peyia – and its still raining! We’re praying for the promised heatwave.

Our next arrival is 3am this morning – to a villa on another building site, which the owner has very rightly pointed out to the guests – but they haven’t accounted for the storms, no road and no access on foot through the mud …….

Think I’ll have a “duvet day” tomorrow but will probably have “umbrella angst ” instead!

Did we REALLY wish for rain only a week ago?……….


Category: Cyprus Villas News