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17th December 2015

So very grateful…….

It’s one year today, since I fell down the steps from our home, on my way to Yoga at 8.55 am on a very sunny December morning. Landing heavily and feeling intense pain, I honestly believed I was going to be paralysed: my limbs didn’t work and my body felt like it was being sawn in two……

Thankfully, the excellent medical team at the Iasis Hospital in Paphos, saved the day and the operation I had to put a balloon in what was described as a ‘dangerous double fracture ‘ in the thoracic spine, has been a success. I also have to thank Mandy, my friend who is a nurse and who ‘advised’ the ambulance staff on how to lift me ….. it was classic!

Anyway, one year on, I thank my lucky stars that I’m mobile and life has gone on in whatever condition ‘normal’ is. I don’t like ‘personal stuff’ shared but today I feel that it’s important to simply note how deeply grateful I am for the care, love and support I’ve received every day from my wonderful husband, family , friends, team and returning holiday customers – and to thank god for a new day, new beginnings and living a full life.

I appreciate that many people with injuries like mine, aren’t so fortunate and my heart goes out to them. There isn’t a moment when I don’t feel gratitude – and it’s because of that, I’m more than willing to always ‘go the extra mile’ for anyone who wants to entrust us with their well earned holiday! No-one knows how much people go through or how hard to they work, to get a break in the sunshine – but we totally appreciate how important the trust in us is, to ensure the best possible holiday villa is available for the best possible value for money.

Our team and we celebrated the year that was, last night (photo below). We very much look forward to the year ahead and hope we can have the pleasure of sharing some of it, by looking after you!

For villas with pools, in the sunshine of Cyprus, safe in the knowledge that the best care is always at hand, email to Thank you!

photo team