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1st January 2010

So here’s where we are…..

Our beautiful Alfie dog has been to see Nikolas today. Like us, Nikolas loves this gorgeous animal. You have to know this dog to understand: if he were a man, he would be a charming, quiet and gentle, true gentleman – though he has a great mischieveous streak.
Sadly, like every living thing, Alfies physical strength is deteriorating and now showing signs that he may be distressed. Tony and I are trying to not look at the loving, cheeky face and sparkly eyes and instead, take in the body of this loyal and loving animal, whose love has been unconditional for the past 14 years…………..

We both know the doorway is open for Alf and only we can walk him to it: and we both also know that this ultimate act of love by us to him, is almost overdue but he is us and we are him and its heartbreaking.
We also know Nikolas (and Annie) will be very sad too but we owe them so very much. We believe we’ve had a full year plus of Alfie, thanks to their tender care and professionalism

Nothing helps the pain but ultimately, Alfies love for us will help the decision.
Today is precious.

We’ll let you know …………x

Category: Cyprus Villas News