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1st January 2010

snap shot

One of the best things about living in Peyia is meeting so many different people from all over the world. Its great to hear about different lives/different views on the area in which we live – and different translations of various phrases or different take on the same thing.

Today has given me two great learns:

The first was Beth, the gorgeous Philippino lady who helps me in the villas and at home. Beth cut her hand today and asked me for garlic to rub in it to clean it then hot chilli to seal it. Standing next to her with the first aid kit , Savlon and sticking plasters, I felt a bit stupid but was fascinated watching Beth tend to her own wound, while all the time giving me a running commentary about herbs and how they heal……eg coffee to help blood clot (when I needed a strong coffee to get me over seeing Beths blood!).

The second great lesson was given by a Russian lady who visited our home: she was so friendly and wanted to take photos of our dogs, Charly cat and the flowers in the garden because photography was her “hobbit”…..

English may not have been her first language but her passion for photography was inspiring and she approached all the photos with loving care, marvelling at the views of the Coral Bay coastline and the mountains around Peyia. I’d forgotten to look today – and yes, they are totally lovely.

Thank you both. You’ve made my day in very different ways and given me a new perspective on “normal life”. I really dont think there is any such thing or maybe its what we see it to be.

Category: Cyprus Villas News