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1st January 2010

Smoothing out the wrinklies

Many of you have been emailing to me to ask how my Mum and Jim are getting on since their return to UK last March. Affectionately known as “The Wrinklies”, they are now settled back in Northumberland though Jamesy slips further away into himself in his awful illness and Mum is doing her level best to retain humour and compassion!

Through the difficult times for them, there are some laughs: as a family , we’ve a black humour and its probably that which is keeping Mum going – and the fact that Jim is a totally wonderful man. Both are sorely missed in Peyia.

We gets occasions when, eg I ring Mum and am told “Ring back Darling, I’ve just thrown a kitchen knife at him and need to make sure he is okay”…..

or, a particular favourite of mine:

“Jamesy woke me last night and asked me: Who are you and where is my wife Marlene?” (My mum is marlene). At 83 years young, he was either dreaming of times past or living in hope!!

Luckily, so far, Mum maintains her good nature and Jim, his dignity – but it must be very difficult for them both.

I’m going to YUK week after this , to visit the wrinklies and the other trainee wrinklies (My Dad and his “new wife of 46 years: it will never last!?!” – another poor family attempt at humour!).

Am looking forward so much to seeing the four of them and hope at least three of them are keen to see me – though I suspect one won’t even recognise me!

Carpe Diem!

Category: Cyprus Villas News