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15th December 2018


I’ve just had a real giggle talking to my Mum, Marlena Dramatica, on the telephone. Anyone who has met her knows she sounds like a VERY posh version of Joanna Lumley – and even I pull my tummies in and round my vowels when I’m talking to her! And I’ve known her my whole life so you’d think it would be easier for me!

Anyway, having had a great chat about Christmas/how to prepare food , (My Mum was a superb chef) and other bits n pieces, Mum signed off with, “”Darling, I have to go: Maureen is due here in 10 minutes and I need to put my teeth in! ……” I nearly fell over! This was the last thing I expected my gorgeous, glamorous Mum to say!

Got me thinking about a time my Dad and I visited Granddad in his nursing home and he was complaining that he couldn’t find his teeth and that his gums were hurting… We searched his room until Dad looked closely again at Granddad and saw gums ie two sets of them! So we got Granddad to open his mouth wide – and there they were: his full set of teeth upside down in his mouth!

It’s a family thing: Nanna kept her false teeth in the pocket of her pinny! There is so much to look forward to – but Mum and the memories have certainly made me smile again on a busy day!

If you’d like to smile a whole lot more, look forward to 2019 and holidaying in a villa with private clean pool or apartment in a great location! We’ll even leave a glass out for your teeth if you need it! Email to details and look forward to a very Happy New Year!

Category: 2019 Holidays