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1st January 2010

Smile! Or we take your teeth out!

The more avid readers of these silly blogs will know that we have been waxing lyrical about the wonderful health care here on the island. I stand by every word but I may have to reserve judgement on the dentists, judging by two of our owners recent experiences.

Chris and Jackie, who own Villa Enjoyy (and keep it beautiful- its like coming home), were over here recently. They are both lovely, gentle and great people who we love to see and who are the sort of people you’d be happy to meet anywhere, anytime. We’ve enjoyed many a chat about life/the world and other crazy things – but this time we found Chris a little quiet!……

jackie explained that Chris had just been to the dentist and that the dentist had, both literally and in every sense, taken Chris’ teeth out! One filling had turned to two; one part tooth taken out had turned to two and one visit was already into number three……and Chris wasn’t happy!

Terrified of dentists, Tony and I shared his fears – especially when Chris tried to “Eshxplain” with his half frozen mouth, which he was intent on chewing on the inside of and would hurt him terribly when the injection wore off!

We’ve seen this lovely couple only briefly during their stay and everytime, it seems that Chris has had to have more dental treatment. What a shame! And to make matters worse, the tooth fairy didn’t come! Shocking!!

Mind you, the tooth fairy didn’t visit me either: I cracked a tooth when I fell and broke my wrist – but as I swallowed the piece of tooth I cracked off, maybe I can understand the tooth fairys reluctance to swop her money for my molar! Now, if my Nanna had been alive, it would have been a different story! The tooth fairy would have been on duty for both Chris and I – and given us homemade cakes for our trouble, as well as a sixpence!

Chris and Jackie are preparing to fly back to UK as I write. All smiles this morning, Chris told us he’d visited the dentist again but all was now well. All dental treatment is finished and what is left in his mouth, is now his own!

Keep smiling Chris. Hope you sat together on the flight home Jackie and we’re looking forward to you both coming back in Sept! Forgive us for teasing you over your troubles: we were just extracting a joke while filling in time before we got en root to the real problem: and to cap it all, the (mac)cavity near your window is now fixed!

Okay, I’ll stick to blogs without bad jokes: forgive me, am just cutting my teeth as a writer!……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News