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1st January 2010

Smile? Not on your nelly!!

Seven creams! Yes, 7 creams! It takes me about 10 mins in the morning and evening to apply the layers of :

– “guaranteed to fill and plump up wrinkles around eyes”

– “guaranteed to fill and plump up wrinkles around lips”

– “plump up your actual lips” (yes boys, very different to the above)

– moisturiser

– moisturiser to make the other one work harder!

– more moisturiser -but this one superdooper, to make both work better

– anti wrinkle/anti gravity cream for neck and chest areas…….

Then lippie and mascara (come on girls, we are British!) – and I’m ready to go!

Course, first smile of the day and I look “lived in” again. Tomorrow, am going to stop smiling all together to give the creams the chance to work….

Category: Cyprus Villas News