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21st February 2015

Smile! Its Carnival time and Cheese Week!

What an interesting island this is! As well as the most stunning landscapes, from mountains to coastlines, we’ve got a plethora of traditions and celebrations which are celebrated with gusto!

This weekend is on the most colourful times of the year. Its Carnival time on the island. Paphos today and Limassol tomorrow . Parents have been frantically making costumes for their children and friends; floats have been decorated – and driving from Paphos to Coral Bay today, we passed more pirates than have probably ever sailed the high seas!

Initially a Greek tradition, Cyprus adopted Carnival too: a celebration in honour of the Gods, mainly Dionysus, the event is a fun, musical and mischief one meant not to be taken seriously – though the quality of the costumes and street decorations would tell you differently! The whole weekend, till Monday evening , is one to celebrate before fasting starts for Lent.

While meat is given up for Lent, cheese becomes ‘the thing’ too: recipes are revisited, more cheese added and special offers are made on cheese dishes. (My sister, a cheese monster, would adore this!).

If you’d like to know more about Carnival, google Carnival in Cyprus: there is tons of info there and many photos too!

Thankfully, after a week of unusually wet and cold weather, we’ve got a beautiful day on which to enjoy the celebrations (photo below is the view from the Deck café in Paphos , taken this morning).

If you want to come and have fun in Cyprus , email to me on and I’ll make you smile with some colourful offers on great holiday villas!

sunshine at deck