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10th February 2016

Smile! It’s a BIG day!

I had my teeth ‘taken out’ twice yesterday! Once by the VAT office, who were collecting their quarterly dues on holiday rentals – then by our family dentist, Aspro in Chloraka…

The VAT payments I can do little about but the tooth problem, was all mine: I’d ‘hidden’ a bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk from Tony, coz he tries to ‘share’ it, (how very dare he!) – and in the process of eating ‘his’ part of the bar, I cracked a tooth which then led to decay and the rest is history – well certainly for the tooth!

Anyway, sat in the dentists chair, in the very pretty and relaxing office they have, with views out over the gardens, I could see the buds on the jasmine, hear the birds singing their spring song and feel the heat of the sun through the window. It was ALMOST lovely but became ‘real’ when Sophia, the gorgeous young dentist said to me in her very sweet English, “It’s a BIG day isn’t it? The days are getting bigger now . I get up at 6 and the day is happy. When I go home, the sky is still daytime. I like big days”…

What can I say? It was a big day – and everyday here in Cyprus is ‘big’ now: the sun is shining, the light is gorgeous and the birds are singing. What’s the point in shedding tears over a lost tooth or a little VAT? Thanks Sophie – for being a brilliant dentist and a wonderful person!

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Now something to make YOU smile!:

photo barney sea