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9th July 2019

Smile! You should be on Candid Camera!

It is such an interesting job working with holiday makers. In the main, they are totally lovely, glad to be on holiday and enjoy every second of their much needed break!

Many, go the extra mile by asking our help before they arrive, to plan eg great days out/thing to do or special celebrations for their loved ones – and it’s such a pleasure to help them.

Others make you laugh: like the lady who rushed passed all of her party to get into the villa first to choose a bathroom with a shower, shouting, ”Coz I cannot get my leg over in the bath!”. Or the guest who wanted to ring home to Bradford to tell his brother in law what the final score was in the football match he has just watched, “”Because we’re two hours ahead here and it won’t have kicked off yet””…….

Then those who make you cry, who’ve come away to try to escape a great pain they’ve been carrying having lost a loved one or being in recovery from an illness….you just want to hug them – Then the ones who make you MAD but you have to smile and simply agree/put right/move on….

Examples are: “This water in the pool is too hot! Turn it down!”” (not sure how to turn the sun down!). Or, “Aren’t there any decent chippies here: I don’t like this foreign food!” (Well there are a couple of decent chippies but I resist the urge to tell them). Or, “There are ants in the kitchen! I cannot leave any food out and have to clean the kitchen before we go out – can’t you do this? “” ( No, Madam, we rent villas not provide full housekeeping/slave services)…..

At the end of the day, people have fun, in whatever way they do; children and adults learn to swim; families learn to talk to each other again and some even fall in love with each other again. Mostly  it’s all happy days, hard work and a sign of relief when the troublesome few leave, knowing more will follow and we’ll learn more about people.

Would I swop any of it? Not a chance ! And the difficult ones, well, Bring Them On!

Email to for deals on villas and apartments provided by people with patience and good humour!

Category: Cyprus Villas News