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1st January 2010

small world! BIG gossip!

Well, there I was believing all the stories in the papers about broken hearted z list celebrities who’ve been loved and left by big headed men when I got a note from my wonderful mad Welsh friend, who knows one of said broken hearted Z list girls – and boy oh boyo, how different things look today!

The thing is, you play with fire, you get burnt. You stay in the sun too long, you get burnt. You believe all you read, you get misled ……

Not to be naughty seems to be the only way forward – and I speak from hard, heartbreak experience here. Tempting though it can be, a married person is a married person unless he/she is single – properly.

The hurt aint worth the price – whatever the pound signs alongside it in this day and age.

(Am off my highhorse now, you can relax)

Category: Cyprus Villas News