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1st January 2010

Sleepover party

We are only just recovering from a sleepover party on Monday night. Charlotte Emily Talullah Bucket, our god daughter who is here on holiday , staying in a villa in Coral Bay, came here to our home in Peyia with her friends. Sisters, Frankie and big Charlotte are totally gorgeous – so I had a ball with the three of them.

The night started with a spaghetti bolognese a la Bell kitchen – ably assisted by three little stirrers (in every sense) and their list of “have to have” ingredients. We stopped short of adding chocolate and blackcurrant! After food and much chatting about their schools policy of selling left clothing, (including, shock horror , knickers which get left!!!), we went upstairs to watch Mama Mia and have a singalong.

I was amazed that Frankie, aged 5, knows all of the words to the Abba songs. She sat quietly sucking her thumb and 4 of her 9 teddies until the music began, then started belting out the numbers like she was on a stage! It was hilarious!

Our lottie had lost a big tooth earlier that day, so we had to discuss the merits of the tooth fairy being able to find her way from Yorkshire, (where she lives in a bush opposite Frankies house!) to our home in Peyia, Cyprus! Thankfully, the tooth fairy DID find her way here AND left 6 euros for Charlotte! It was a miracle!

The girls slept well.

Tony slept well.

The dogs and cats slept well…….and I didn’t. Every noise woke me, in case it woke the girls and they began to fret for their parents at home in their Coral Bay villa.

I was very sad to drop them back off at the villa in the morning but could only do so after we’d paraded around Peyia village and Coral Bay resort, with the windows of the truck open so the girls could wave to all of the friends they’d met via us!

Tonight, I’m catching up on sleep – and tomorrow too: they are all back on Saturday!

Mama Mia, here I go again………………..

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