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1st January 2010

Sleepover and stairs

What a lovely Saturday! We’ve checked in and out of villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, new and returning guests. They’ve all departed happy and arrived full of smiles and good nature. The weather is wonderful and the villas, lovely with gardens in full bloom: Ive been very proud to do my work today!

Coming home for an hour earlier, I checked on Charlie cat, who chills out in “his” bedroom in the afternoos, and found him snuggled up with Gus, his feline pal from next door. Gus is getting very friendly and let me feed him today and we had a cuddle. Charlie looked a little taken aback by the fact that Gus and I were becoming good friends, so flicked his tail in the air and sauntered off into the garden. Gus just settled back down to snooze!

I’ve been home half an hour now: time enough for a swim and cuppa. We’ve an area by the pool, under a pergola, which we call the “residents lounge”. Its where our comfy wooden sunbeds lie waiting for us to snatch the odd hour – and I’ve got books piled up waiting for opportunity to read them! Getting to the residents lounge, means walking down the steps to the left of the garden: past rose bushes and shrubs and lavender bushes. It struck me today that I only ever climb up or down these stairs when I’m on “time out”. The stairs to the right, are the ones which lead to the gate/cars and work!

I love my left hand stairs and am going to make it my mission to use these whenever I want to feel like I’m chlling out – even if I’m not!

Category: Cyprus Villas News