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1st January 2010

Sleep- and lack of it!

I love my work dealing with holidaymakers and fab villas in Coral Bay and Peyia – but I love (and need!) my sleep too….
Sometimes, in their enthusiasm to book or need to chat about eg favourite restaurants, guests ring us late into the night, forgetting the time difference and its so hard to shake of the mantel of dreams to talk sensibly- though some would say neither Tony or I ever talk sensibly!
When the emergency phone rings in the early hours (we have to keep it next to our bed), Tony is great: he picks it up, takes the call then passes it to me without speaking, promptly snoring again before I’ve said “hello”…..
Last night was one of them, not helped by a 6am alarm call for Tony – actually FOUR x 6 am alarm calls in case he slept in though he got up at the first and I had to get up and switch the other 3 off! After bringing me a cuppa, Tony said, “go back to sleep for an hour” – then rang me 20 mins later to say he’d forgotten the phone number he needed, so could I remember it!
Then he rang 10 mins after that, just as I dosed off to say the number I’d remembered was the right one!…..
Then another alarm went off which sent Jake and alfie running upstairs to me and jumping on the bed to join Molly , Charlie and I – so I got up!
Have now been at my computer for an hour and am shattered! 7.53am and it feels like sleep time again…………dare I?….

Category: Cyprus Villas News