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2nd September 2015

Skype, the Universe and holiday villas…

Life happens, doesn’t it? Even during a precious holiday, ‘real’ things creep in and remind us that we are always ourselves, wherever we are. Certainly, one of our holiday villa guests for whom we’ve had to find a dentist today, knows for sure that pain does not respect ‘time off’. Poor man!  Though I suppose if you need a tooth taken out, have it taken out here in the sunshine!

Its been an interesting couple of days. Sadly, one of my mentors, Dr Wayne Dyer, passed away a couple of days ago but has left the priceless legacy of his work, thoughts and inspiration. As precious, was the Skype call I shared with my Mum and her new friend, David, who wanted to show me his ‘spiritual pathway’…….though I countered whatever was happening with Uranus should be his own personal business!

Still, the holiday villas are full to bursting with happy holidaymakers enjoying their downtime and pools. I’ve also sneaked some time of my own today and shared lunch with my beautiful friend, Lesley who is like a huge ray of sunshine, whatever the world brings. (Thank you Lesleyx).

Now home for a couple of hours, I’m going to ponder the Universe , accompanied by our furry gang and a real cup of Yorkshire tea – so if you have time to write to me to share your holiday dreams, please do and I’ll show you the ‘pathway’ to sunshine in Cyprus.

One of Mr D’s sayings was, “Be realistic, expect a miracle” – well, I’m totally realistic and believe just being here today, at peace with the world and happy in my work, is a miracle in itself! Its a day for ‘thank yous’ – especially to David for keeping his pathway, private!

The photo below is Barney T Rubble watching his ‘Road Ahead’.IMG_0714 wind bathing