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1st January 2010

Size matters on a scale of 5-12 inches!

“Are lizards poisonous?”, asked our lovely holiday guest staying in a villa in Peyia. “Well,” I explained, “They won’t bite you , are probably terrified of you and I haven’t heard of anyone being injured by one but what is wrong?……”

This is how the day began today on the telephone. Our nervous guest then went on to tell me there was a lizard, about ONE FOOT long in the kitchen of their vila it wouldnt leave. The guests wife was chasing it with a broom (and it was running, so it was a fast, one foot long lizard) and it just stayed in the kitchen looking at them.

“Imagine if his parents come along”, I ventured tongue in cheek – and there was a thud and the phone went dead….

Robin and Batman, well Robin and James , two of our property managers, went to the rescue, armed with shovels and sense of humour – and found a small, probably around 5inch lizard cowering in the kitchen . While it wasn’t as big as it seemed to the guest, it was definitely as stubborn and refused to leave the kitchen until it was “persuaded” to do so by one of the shovels….

Guests are fine. Local wildlife is fine and James and Robin have lived to tell the tale, so all is well……….

Except that, tonight, in the garden of a villa in Peyia, a tiny lizard will be recounting to his friends, his brush with the giants who walk on two legs and wave inanimate objects at him………poor little thing! He is probably terrified and only wanted some shade from the sun!

I also think on an airplane now in the skies, a couple will be thanking their lucky stars that they had such a lucky escape from the local Peyia Alligator who came to visit………….after all, perception is everything, isn’t it?

Off to have a small GnT!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News