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1st January 2010

Size matters

Yes, you are blog fodder again, my lovely friends!

Yesterday, The Great Raymondodoulou was despatched to source and fit new speakers for his and Susies TV /sound system. Duly returning with VERY LARGE boxes, TGR set about squashing said monsters (HUGE ) apparently, into the not huge spaces around the TV! Susie wasn’t happy with the size and retreated to another room in disgust – but apparently could STILL see these even though she was upstairs !

I made that last sentence up for effect but Susie informs us they are TOO big!

Anyway, they didn’t work. TRG couldn’t get them to work and neither could The Man, who was sent from the supplier company – so they’ve been returned and smaller, discrete little items which actually work, are being installed in their place.

I think the moral of this story for The Great Raymondodoulou is, if you are going to go LARGE, make it only in gin, brandy or something lovely to eat. All else is now designed in minature (which means Susie will need to put her glasses on to find things, hee hee!!).

Happy days! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News