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1st January 2010

Sister acts and mother boards……..

Floozie Susie and The Great Raymondodoulou have Sues lovely younger sister, Celia and her partner staying for 2 weeks. We met them last night and they are lovely. Celia is VERY pretty – which I kept telling Sue just to annoy her a bit! (Actually, they look very alike, so it was also a compliment for Sue).

anyway, we were discussing the rain storm which had happened on Tuesday night and which had been unexpected and very heavy. Susie hadn’t had time to close her office window before the rain hit – and sadly, the rain went into her computer.

Celia was very helpful and explained it was probably damp on the mother board- which made everyone mock and laugh eg “There is no such thing as a mother board etc”…..but, in Paphos,, there are gods of computers so they took the ailing machine to one of them – who promptly diagnosed that the mother board had been affected.

Unable to contain herself, Celia launched into a loud cheer at this news and punched the air! In the shop, in front of everyone, embarrassing her big sister!

As I say,, they are very alike!……..Susie is given to outbursts of sheer , funny emotion and expression too – and I’d have loved to have seen her face when the tables were turned!….

Category: Cyprus Villas News