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1st January 2010

Silence is, well, very frustrating!

So, “we” are not speaking. Bill is in his room. Joaney (AKA Tony without Teeth) has stormed up after him. Tony (with teeth) has gone to work out of the way – and I’m sitting quietly at my computer in the corner at home, trying to pretend all is well
Except it isn’t.
Bill wanted to dry the dishes. Joan said no. Bill didn’t hear – so got a T towel, so Joan shouted and Bill didn’t hear so Joan grabbed the T towel, which made Bill cross and he shouted – so Molly rang under the bed and Jake “gruffed”. I tried to make a cuppa for all but wasn’t allowed near the kettle in case I tried to dry the dishes and that wasn’t allowed…….
anyway, dishes dried themselves in all the upheaval and Joan is upstairs shouting at Bill, who cannot hear so all is probably going to be well very soon!

Category: Cyprus Villas News