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7th April 2021

Sideboard, Cyborg or Human?


I’m honestly starting to believe I am losing touch with reality .

And I’m not talking about Virtual Reality – or maybe I am! Life simply seems to be get more complicated as the days go by.

Let me explain: I was commenting to Tony yesterday when we were out on our daily 4k evening walk , (yes, am showing off a little at the length of the walk! For me this is massive!) – anyway, it was a beautiful evening, filled with birdsong and the gentle , ”swish” of the sea against the shore . Lovely, calming and relaxing sounds….

However, the, (mainly), younger people who were out and about , were either wearing headphones and jogging along to loud music or worse, in my older opinion, wearing ”pods” in their ears and talking equally as loud as the music to the invisible people who were accompanying them on the walk!


If a walk is meant to be calming and peaceful, why interrupt it with noise and interference which stops a person seeing and hearing what is around them?

Tony, not even looking up from the screen of his phone where he was reading emails and updates, just sighed loudly and patted me on the back as if I was crazy!

Maybe I am.

I simply cannot get the reasoning behind living a life plugged into something or other, (unless to help keep you alive that is) but our homes now are filled with wires charging something or other and gadgets that do VERY IMPORTANT THINGS – that seem to me to simply be in the way and make normal things, more complicated!

It is an age thing, I’m sure – though one of my closest friends, is to technologically biased, it’s unbelievable as is what she can achieve by using her gadgets (!) but this is not for me.

I suspect I’m becoming obsolete along with a lot of other less highly functioning things. I’ll transition from human into a piece of furniture around the home that people smile at, remember what it used to do then throw their coats towards it as they move on to more interesting things with flashing lights and instant access to latest music!

Well, so be it.

But I’m happy being human. I  love nature; the gentle music of daily life which flows around us – and not having to stay close to a socket in case I run out of charge!

No doubt , a newer , more functioning version of human will evolve in time but I hope it keeps heart and soul in place!

Gotta go! Need to switch the kettle on! Which is about as technological as I’m prepared to be!

Come and see us – with or without your gadgets!

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