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7th August 2016

should have stayed in bed!

Oh dear. It’s been ‘one of those’! I was writing earlier about a few of the happenings of the week – then today ‘happened’ with a few incidents of it’s own……

We decided to go over to Latchi for a couple of hours and clean the boat. With arrivals not due till late night and departing guests all happily on their way home, we had time to catch up on some chores.

Unfortunately, Tony’s truck is off the road, so we had to take my car – which Tony crashed quite spectacularly into “gay wall’ where the boat is moored. No major damage, thankfully but quite a crunch -and I got the blame for just ‘being there’ (the bump was on my side of the car).

Still, nothing too terrible till we went to climb aboard and Tonys iPhone dropped out of the pocket of his shorts and into the harbour- complete with all of his credit cards and noting that we are ‘on call’ today so all of the telephone calls should come through to the number Tony has!

Then we noticed a huge dent in the side of the boat where a ‘tourist’ boat has kindly ‘bumped into us’ then gone on it’s way……

Eat my wake, I say! Bring it on! At least we’ve got this gorgeous pair to come home to!

If you’ve like to ‘come home’ to Coral Bay or Peyia, Cyprus, and rent a villa with clean pool this autumn , making the most of the Sept to November sunshine, email to me on for details and availability! Things can only get better!

photo barney and molly 2