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1st January 2010

Shop till you drop!

I cannot be a real woman! Thats the conclusion I’m coming to FAST! Why? Well, I HATE shopping – especially in supermarkets – and my idea of hell is to be on an arranged “girls” day where the girls can shop, drink coffee and chat……….

Cyprus is the same as any other european country when it comes to shopping: in Paphos, we have a plethora of supermarkets to choose from: French owned “super” markets to local, more intimate shopping experiences -but I detest them all!

Tony is fab when it comes to shopping: he is an expert chef and knows instinctively what to buy to go with this or that – and what to experiment with. I’m useless: totally. Give me good old fashioned vegetables, Yorkshire Puddings – and occasional “pommes frites”, and I’m happy. Oh – and Cadburys Dairy Milk.

Today, I’ve been very brave! In Peyia, we have a wonderful, totally crazy supermarket owner/manager called Phillipos. Normally, we shop there (often up to 3 times per day) but today we did a “proper shop” (as Tony calls them).

This translates as us driving from Peyia village, through Chloraka into the “wilds” of cosmopolitan Paphos and visiting a “big” supermarket……..

We arrived back in Peyia still speaking, which was a miracle; boot full of shopping (but nothing to eat for tea!) and dent in our Laiki bank credit card – but at least we’d shopped!

I’m coming back as a cat: Charlie just sits here , waiting for food, investigating what we are eating – and falling asleep anywhere he pleases, whenever. He will never be subjected to a supermarket – and thats got to be reason enough to be a feline!

Peyia and Coral Bay are lovely – but supermarkets are supermarkets!