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1st January 2010

Shop, drop and strop!

So Charly needed to go shopping today to stock up his gorgeous villa, LilyMay with essentials. Now for those of you who have either forgotten the joys of furnishing a house from top to bottom, essentials includes everything from toilet brush to dining table! And Charly is only here until tomorrow…..

Yesterday, Tony and Charly went shopping to start the process: today, my “female” side took over and I took Charly. Everywhere. Quickly. Expensively. And we got most of what he needed (and some stuff I’d really like to steal!).

Tony has had a hard week so didn’t want to come – and he had a few things to attend to close to Coral Bay – but we all met up in The Mill to chew over the morning and have a couple of VERY strong drinks.

I hate shopping. Not just dislike it but totally hate it. I’m another womans worst nightmare when we’re in “coupledom” and the men suggest , “lets golf/watch sport and you girls go shopping”…..NO, I say very loudly and mean it.

So this morning was a big effort for me. Charly is lovely and a good friend – but I hate shopping . And I think, after a few hours, he began to realise that….luckily he seemed to feel the same way.

We parted company around 3pm and Charly went back out shopping (brave man) and I came home to wash/iron/dog walk/clean/dust – you know the Saturday housey things you never get a chance to do – but I fell asleep.

For a second.

Then Garry and Yvonne turned up to tell us something/steal Yorkshire Puddings from the fridge (homemade of course – puddings that is, not fridge!), drink tea and generally be friendly, as they are.

But I was tired and grumpy. Tony was just grumpy and the dogs were totally muddy coz its raining. Luckily, Garry and Yvonne are little rays of sunshine and always cheer me up – especially when I realised Garry is good at DIY so I asked him to put up a new light fitting for me while he was here – and he couldn’t refuse! Or give up, even as the light faded and the blood from his injured finger oozed more heavily.

Tony got even more grumpy when he realised the new light fitting doesn’t quite fit where the old one did, so he’ll have to repaint the ceiling……haven’t dared tell him about other lights I bought today and what “adaptations ” will need to be done to accomodate them!

Well, I said I didn’t like shopping: didn’t say I didn’t like spending money!!

ps Thank you Garry: you are a superstar and officially promoted! A lessor man would never have done what you did, so quickly!

Category: Cyprus Villas News