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10th January 2016

Shh! It’s a secret but there is no escape!

The Great Raymondodoulou, is 6 decades old tomorrow. I’ve promised not to SAY anything to anyone, so I’ve not but I didn’t promise not to WRITE about , ‘The Event’.

We’re going out for lunch today, to Yialos, to celebrate this momentous occasion with TGR, his gorgeous Mrs, Susie Floozy and Paul & Lyn Gent, who are staying on one of our lovely villas for some Winter Sun – and who we all know and love well!

Not to draw attention to The Great Raymondodoulou’s great birthday, we’ve only put 60 balloons around the pergola at Yialos and invited another 60 people to come and lunch too. No-one will know there is anything going on : it will be subtle and quiet.


But I figure 60 is MARVELLOUS, as is TGR, (though his jokes aren’t) – so we’re going to celebrate, with or without his blessing , (or presence if he reads this!).

If you’d like to celebrate the , ‘Year of TGR 60″ with us in Cyprus , in a quality villa with clean pool, email to me on and I’ll send you best deals on the best villas in the area! And save you some cake! (Did I mention we’ve also had a cake made?……)

Photo below is of TGR in Yialos recently….

photo the great raymondodoulou