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1st January 2010

Shelling out a thank you

Carrie and Chris, the wonderful owners of gorgeous Apartment Isis in Peyia, have just given me the most beautiful present: a silver, large shell which can hold eg candles, soap or trinkets.

I love it! Its now got pride of place in my lounge, illuminated by the lights from the base under the glass shelves and it looks great!

The present was unexpected but very welcome. Carrie and Chris have recently “done battle” with one of the utility providers here who made a mistake and caused them a problem whilst Isis was occupied. I did what we do and stepped in and helped, looking after the guests and the owners as best I could.

When Carries daughter Lauren arrived to start her honeymoon and the problem still wasn’t resolved, I helped out again and made sure Lauren had the best start she could to her time here. As we work with good people whose villas and apartments we’re very proud to look after, going the extra mile for them is a pleasure – though it can get stressful and a bit tiring!

Receiving this gift made me remember why my team and I work so hard: because it matters to us coz it matters to the owners. They expect the best from us and thats what we need to give them…..

………..but its no wonder we drink! xxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News