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7th October 2017

Sharing the load.

Chatting to Molly Mou and Barney T Rubble today, I realise there is something very wrong: I have all of the running around to do eg their breakfast and tea; shopping for them and us; housework; ironing; planning and working for a living – and THEY give ME ”the look”, when I dare to leave the house!

We’ve discussed how, as they are at home when I’m not, maybe they could put their paws to good use and eg do the ironing and make the bed, instead of just lying on it etc.

Molly loves housework : she follows me around, checking everything and can source dirt on her nose. Barney is more chilled out but can collect a lot of dirt on his back as he lies there rolling side to side waiting for his tummy to be tickled…..

There is definitely a division of labour here! Whatever they DON’T do, I love them to bits. Whatever I do or don’t , they love me anyway – but prefer to lie on made beds and eat freshly bought chicken. My job is to serve, I think!

Speaking of which, if you are looking for a winter sunshine holiday or booking early for 2018 please email to us for offers and availability:

Must dash! Things to do!

Category: Cyprus Villas News