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15th February 2015

Sharing happiness on a sunny Sunday!

Whatever is going on in my world, most mornings I wake up so filled with happiness and excitement, I drive Tony crazy wanting to chat to him about stuff. From people trusting us with their villa holiday for the first time to those who return regularly, to the flowers blooming in the garden to watching the furry gang eat their breakfast – its all wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, ’tish’ happens in our lives regularly too: big stuff and small stuff but its only that – stuff – and life is too precious to let it bring us down. My heart goes out to anyone who is hurting or lost today – and it is also soaring with the possibilities that life gives out.

Today, I’m going for my first walk for months! No wonder I’m excited! (oh and my tummy is filled with ‘happiness’ – photo below! Thank you Nicola! x).

Go on! Get happy and email to us about a sunshine filled villa holiday. I’ll be delighted to help you !

photo happiness