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8th April 2020

Sharing a Cup of Tea!

My sister, Stephanie, Maxine and I , used to spend a tremendous amount of time with our Nanna when we were growing up.

Nanna was a wonderful lady. A very straightforward, hard working Geordie lady, who didn’t own anything much during her lifetime but was rich in character and love, Nanna was known for her love of tea.

Whatever the situation, whatever the problem or crisis, Nanna made a cup of tea and invited whoever was there with her, to sit and share a cup with her. We used to smile at the way in which Nanna felt everything would be made better with a cup of tea. She’d listen to our woes and those of her friends, then put the kettle on without commenting on the problem in hand.

From boyfriend dilemas to problems in friends’ families, to the death of loved ones, tea seemed to hold the answer. The kettle would boil, the tea would be poured and the, ”best cups” chosen so the tea would taste better. It was almost funny to our younger brains that this ritual occurred.

Till now.

Living through the terrible situation with Covid-19, I’m sure I’m not alone in taking probably too much of my days now, making tea! Luckily, I’m married to man who is as big a ”teapot” as my Nanna was, so he never refuses a cup! I find myself needing time out/needing to think – and needing space to worry a bit – and all of this is helped with a cup of tea in hand!

I was reading about the Asian art of The Tea Ceremony and loved the description of this: “” An adoration of the beautiful amongst the sordid facts of everyday life”.

Makes so much sense right now – and suddenly I understand and respect our Nanna, even more.

Anyone for a cuppa?

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