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1st January 2010

Setting a trend for tourists?

The owners of the beautiful Villa Enjoyy, in Coral Bay, were chattering to me in the office yesterday. They’ve been over staying in their villa for a few weeks and have had a lovely time.

We were joined by owners of another villa, which has to remain nameless due to the fact that the lady concerned, was apparently caught “red handed” early yesterday morning, by her husband , as she cleaned the shower room, completely naked!

Her husband was delighted and thought it a great idea. The lady had no way to hide her blushes! Tony thinks its a fab idea and that we should insist our cleaning team clean everywhere, naked!
Will have a word with them later but am already sure of the response!

Now, hunky men, naked and cleaning is another thing….am looking into this now and will hold “interviews” in the next few weeks if anyone cares to join the interview panel!

Category: Cyprus Villas News