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28th September 2015


Its been a lovely weekend! Tony and I went with Karen and Wayne, on a boat trip to Limassol where we stayed overnight on the new Marina. Got me thinking how brilliant it will be when the Coral Bay Marina is built…but I digress!

Travelling on a small boat in rough-ish seas, is not for the feint hearted, of which I am one  – so arriving to the security of a marina where we discovered there were large cubicles with shower , sink and loo , was heaven!

Feeling more like a human once my two feet were firmly back on the ground, I walked quickly to one of the cubicles, longing for the feel of hot, pressurised water on my sea salt skin. Clutching clean, dry clothing, I pushed open the door, smiled at the size of my personal walk in shower and threw my dry clothes and towel into the sink next to the shower.

Only the sink had the first ever ‘motion sensor’ tap which I’ve ever know to work – and not only did it work, it worked with the sort of pressure and gush that would make a plumber very proud.

So shower I did, then the choice was to get dressed in sea salt clothes or in wet clean clothes or walk back to the boat in a towel only. And I couldn’t even ‘phone a friend’ to get help coz I’d left my mobile with Tony!

Seems now my husband has decided  a seafaring life is for him, I’m doomed to never feel warm, dry and cosy again!

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Photo is of my photo bombing Mr and Mrs Spence would be romantic moment on the boat!

photo bomb!