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3rd June 2017

self talk!

Forget selfie sticks! Í think the next craze is middle aged women like me, ‘talking to self” – or talking to anything around them even though they know they shouldn’t – and I do mean anything not anyone!

Take today: I actually thanked the cash machine for the money it gave me! The woman standing near me thought I was a nutter! I talked to the washing machine about the stains on the front of Tonys t-shirt – and gave the mop a good old talking to because I wasn’t happy with the clean I was doing on the floor in the kitchen.

Mind you: I know I’m losing the plot . This week, while running late for work, I answered a call on my mobile from Emma in the office then told her I’d have to go because I needed to find my mobile before I headed down the hill to the office!…..

That said, it’s good to talk sometimes: when I was baking the other day, I told the cake mix a very long story about how important it was to rise and to look attractive rather then burnt, which it’s previous cousin had a week before. The rock buns got a chat about my Nanna, coz she’d taught me how to make rock buns and the pepper tree in the garden seems to reach out and smile when I chat to it!

May simply be that I know Tony switches off when I talk – and even Barney T Rubble gruffs and puts his head in his paws……..Luckily Molly lets me ramble on but she is stone deaf so I don’t suppose that counts.

If you’d like to talk to me about renting a villa with a pool in Coral Bay or Peyia – or an apartment in a great location , please email to I’m explaining to my computer as I type, that it’s important to let me know immediately the emails come in…………


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