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1st January 2010

Seeing triple!

Armani and Twosheds arrived safely late last night. They both look wonderful and are SO happy to be back – but not as happy as we all were to see them!

Armani (named due to the fact that he is always perfectly dressed, coiffed and “turned out”), surprised us with a gorgeous painting of one of our favourite possessions: a spotty teapot. He’d read in a recent blog that I was heartbroken coz I’ve dropped the lid of my teapot and couldn’t find a way to replace it……. but, I did and sent off for a new spotty Teapot in the process.

Twosheds was dying to give us her pressie to us: a replacement spotty teapot – which is totally wonderful but I took her by the hand to show her inside my cupboard where I have hidden the, er, replacement spotty teapot!………its the thought that counts and this was a very touching thought of theirs to replace such a precious item: shame I”m impatient and loved the original so much that I’d already gone out and replaced the original one!

Anyway, from now on, I’m to be called “Threepots”: so its Armani, Twosheds, Phoney Tony and Threepots! Should the villa holiday makers be frightened? You bet they should! But there’s plenty of sweet tea available to calm them down!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News