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1st January 2010

seeing red, feeling blue

We have some wonderful villa owners! Two of them, Alex and Liz have just been here for a week with some of their family – and they haven’t had the best week in the world with illness and a couple of practical issues in one of the villas they’d rented for the family.

This great couple own Garlands, which has to be one of the most pretty and well furnished villas on our books. Its a pleasure to rent it and work for them – not least coz Alex tells us he’ll soon be 17th edition electrician and will do jobs for us when he is next over………….oh dear, he’ll regret that!!

Like many of our other owners, the only problems with these two is their choice of football team – or teams, as it happens. Alex is red and Liz , blue. Sadly for Alex, their son is also a “blue” – but Alex won’t be out numbered by this, claiming his loved ones are deluded.

Tony, a Man U man through and through (with Peyia FC tendencies now, of course), is adamant that Alex AND Liz are misguided and need a lesson in PROPER football – but his team aren’t helping the cause at the moment. Any business meetings the four of us have, are interrupted regularly with fixture updates and “team talks”…….great fun.

Think we are fast getting to a stage though, where I’m going to have to check which team the incoming guests support BEFORE letting them stay in this lovely villa in Coral Bay!

I’m totally unbiased – but coming from Newcastle, its probably better I stay that way at the moment! My support, assisted by Yvonne, is given purely to Peyias new French footballers, 3 of whom are renting villas in Coral Bay from us and each of whom are very fit : in a purely match-fit type of way, n’est ce pas!!

Of course, one of them is married to a totally beautiful and lovely, French model – to they make the ideal pair! Am sure she supports his team and he gives her total support, without colours coming into it.

Liz and Alex are due back soon – wonder where I can get a red/blue embellished duvet cover to put on their bed to surprise them? A sort of “his and hers” pressie to keep them both onside with us?….

Anyway, I said I wouldn’t mention them TOO much on the blog so I haven’t – and I can PROMISE never to talk about their football teams again – until Tonys does better and we can pull their legs a little more!

Welcome home guys!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News