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1st January 2010

Seeing red, (blue and green)…..

Oh, what a day! It started with me going to get my roots done (its a girl thing) and coming out with very “light coppery tones”, which translate as fiery engine red – but still with roots!

So, in age old tradition , I developed a fiery redhead personality and have spent the day in very short temper, with an argument ready for anyone who’d listen (and even those who wouldn’t!) and full of opinions…..

Its not me, you understand: hair changes do this to me. I once got my hair cut very short and had to develop a totally different persona so I could justify my “solemn” and “serious” style. Then I grew it a lot and went curly, so I became “curly and fun” (and was shattered each night!).

Now, I’m fiery and lonely – coz no-one wants to speak to a bad tempered, middle aged, hormonal woman, do they? Especially when that woman is their guest care person during their holidays!!

Luckily, Coral Bay and Peyia are in full bloom and the greenery/flowers made me smile a bit! And I’m too well trained as a PR person not to smile sweetly (though through gritted teeth!) at the villa guests in the holiday resort. Course , Tony seems down in the dumps coz his Mrs has been transformed into a hot blooded monster! And not for the right reasons!

Now, I’m shattered. I came home, cleared the garden at the front/tidied the back garden up /washed and ironed/cleaned upstairs and banged the keys on the computer very hard until I felt less “annoyed” with the world.

I blame this temporary colour on my locks – but know the truth is far more to do with “time of life” than colour of hair!

So now I’m feeling very down in the dumps and need a cuddle -but no-one in my house is talking to me: if they haven’t been dusted, they’ve been “shoo-ed” out of the way , so I’m in the dog house.

And Alfie, Molly and Jake are on the settees!

Category: Cyprus Villas News