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27th August 2020

Seeing more of holiday guests!

It’s lovely starting to see families return to the beautiful holiday villas here in the area of Coral Bay and Peyia.

For all of the right reasons, the Cypriot government has been strict with both the residents of Cyprus and how we’ve been living through the months of Covid – and with the tourists allowed to visit the island.

Very regularly, the Government health department and advisors, check on the health of other countries and grade them according to their current Covid outbreak conditions: some countries are upgraded, making travel to Cyprus easier and some, downgraded, protecting those of us who live here from ”rogue” virus coming in. It must be a very difficult job! (Information on

In recent weeks, we’ve welcomed guests back from the UK, Germany and other countries. It’s been good to get villas prepared for arrivals – and to see happy guests enjoying their chosen villa.

What has been VERY interesting, is how much MORE we’re seeing of some guests from countries who’ve maybe not thought of coming here before. eg yesterday, on his regular visit to clean the swimming pool to it’s required EU standard, one of our hard working pool managers was greeted by a very attractive, (he says), couple in their 30s, who were sunbathing completely naked!

Not in the least bit concerned about their lack of clothing, they welcomed our pool  manager warmly (!) and asked him in their beautiful, accented English, ”where is there any action here?”…………… He was going to run away until they continued: ”We would particularly like to eat Cypriot food”………….

Staying happily by the pool, while it was cleaned, the pool manager stayed focused on the water while they guests chatted to him – but declined their offer of staying longer for a coffee! They are certainly making the most of the privacy around the pool/villa!

We all behave differently on holiday but lovely that there is a chance of a holiday at all – one of life’s natural pleasures, it seems!

To book a holiday villa for winter sunshine or anytime in 2021, email to (Don’t worry: am fully clothed at the keyboard!).

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