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1st January 2010

See if we care!

A people business is a funny thing! I’ve just come off the telephone to a very pleasant man from the UK who has bought a new villa here and is quite taken aback by the attitude of the sellers and their lack of client care. I understand what he means.

Cyprus is a developing island. The people are warm, wonderful and very kind but they don’t share the client focus that the UK has. Don’t get me wrong, the cypriots have the biggest hearts: its just that they don’t rush to “people please” the way we may in the Western world eg if you are in a queue and they are the cause of the delay, tough. They are doing their work, in their time, in their way. Wait or don’t. No problem (and certainly no insult intended).

Its a bit different for us with the villas in Coral Bay. We feel entirely responsible for bringing the guests to our villas – and care very much for their comfort and holiday happiness – so much so that we try to go the extra mile by, eg

– buying birthday cards if a guest has a birthday while he is here

– leaving flowers in the villa for arriving guests when we know they’ve had a tough few weeks before their well deserved holiday

– running them to the doctors if eg they’ve an ear infection

or, as Yvonne , one of our partners did on Saturday night, sharing her dinner at home with them, coz they arrived late and were starving!

None of this is said for praise or applause: its just a point that we do care very much that you have the best holiday and believe that the Coral Bay area is the best place to spend it – and that the villa owners we represent, are the best we can work with.

Added to all of that, we try to do the best we can to make sure things go well.

In a nutshell, we’re aiming for the stars with our feet firmly on this hot and sandy earth and hope that we’ll get the chance to provide you with our service very soon. That way, you can tell us more about what you want from a holiday villa company – and we can work even harder to try to give you that!

Nice doing business with you!

Category: Cyprus Villas News