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1st January 2010

Second sense?

We’re having a very busy arrivals day today. Our villas in Coral Bay are all full- with only 3 more arrivals due in tonight -and I’m shattered!

It was all going fine today until I had a bad feeling about a villa, got ready one hour early and headed to the beautiful 3 bed villa in Coral Bay only to find THE CLEANERS HAD FORGOTTEN AND HADN’T BEEN IN!!! The guests plane was just landing and I had approx 80 mins to strip beds, remake, clean bathrooms, floors, windows, outsides, all appliances – or to run away and pretend I didn’t do this job!

Thank god, Samantha (who has just joined us and is FAB) was at the end of the phone and rushed straight down with Andy, her partner. Beth, our most beautiful Philippino friend, dropped everything to come and help – as did Dawn, one of the cleaning team and the ONLY one who wasn’t at a party.

The site in the villa was hilarious. I had to strip to underwear coz I was in uniform and couldn’t take the chance of a stain. Beth was doing three things at once and Andy was trying not to stare at me, his “boss” in her knickers and not too pretty bra! Tony stayed cool and helped where he could and the rest of us just ran around like idiots .

With 10 mins to go to arrival, we were done, cleared out of the villa and sat on the wall eating ice creams. Guests arrived, were delighted with the villa – I checked them in, then slumped in my car and noticed I’d not buttoned up my blouse properly!

Who cares! Another good start to a happy villa holiday – and another reason to be thankful for a great team and good friends

I need a lie down!

Category: Cyprus Villas News