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9th June 2021

Scary Potato!

Cyprus is famous for it’s gorgeous potatoes – amongst other things!

There is something so lovely in the taste and texture of these home grown spuds, I cannot put into words- especially with a mouthful of the aforementioned delicacy!

Seems not everybody likes them though: Yesterday, I had left over mash after dinner- which is incredible knowing how much Tony loves it ,(though apparently I’d put too much milk in, stupid woman that I am!) – so I decided to put a lovely, tasty dollop of mash out as a treat for the Hilltop Gang of Cats who are eating us out of house and home at the moment.

And the dollop is still there.

Untouched .

Though I’ve caught a couple of the gang, including Tash , the newest member, sneaking up to the mash to ”check it out”.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Molly, our incredible and wonderful, late Cyprus poodle/Yorkshire Terrier, was terrified of mashed potato! She’d run and hide if I put any down in her food or anywhere near her. Luckily, her furry brother loved this treat so polished off his and hers.

I had a theory that Molly was from a planet where mashed potatoes ruled- and that they were fierce and unforgiving, particularly with naughty little doggies. So this explained her fears – at least to me!

So , expanding on this, Molly was obviously an alien and potentially, the Hilltop Gang are from the same planet too!


Or maybe I’m not sure which planet I’m on today LOL!

Still, dinner to prep – and jacket spuds it is! (which ensures we’ll be left in peace by the furries!).

Have a lovely day, fellow potato  lovers! x