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1st December 2012

Saving or scaring a life?

Our whole team are about to embark on another lifeguard course. Those of us who have the first aid qualifications already, will “polish” our knowledge and those of us new to the process, will learn the whole thing. Its very important to us for our customers.

In planning the 3 day course into everyones diaries, we’ve had some fun teasing Ste, the newest and youngest member of our crew. Ste is in his early 20s, very sweet, particularly handsome but very shy. Today, Samantha, Tina and I have caused him to blush from head to toe, by asking him which one of us he’d like to partner to give the kiss of life – he was horrified.

We then scared him more by having a conversation between us in which we “decided” that he should go with each of us for experience, rather than just resusitate one!

He has left the office – quickly!

Category: Cyprus Villas News